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Hotels in the Mount Fuji area

This website introduces recommended accommodations situated around Kawaguchiko,
the best area to enjoy viewing Mount Fuji.

If you want to stay in accommodations near Mount Fuji, please use this portal site.
You will find best accommodation as you wish!

The Kawaguchiko area is conveniently accessible by rental car.
Why not try sightseeing in the Kawaguchiko area with a rental car?
Click here to reserve a rental car.

Recommended accommodations with a good view of Mt.Fuji

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    Fuji Lake Hotel

    Guests can enjoy the view of Mt. Fuji from both room and bathroom. The chartered barrier-free open-air baths are also popular.
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    Fuji View Hotel

    The Fuji View Hotel stands just on the shore of Lake Kawaguchi. Guests can appreciate natural beauties including the garden in the hotel property. The garden accommodates gorgeous view of blossoms of over 300 cherry trees in over 99,000 square meters (110,000 square yards).
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    Kozantei Ubuya

    A high class Japanese-style inn with views of Mt.Fuji and Lake Kawaguchi from both the bedrooms and the large bathrooms. The bathrooms also feature an open-air bath.

Recommended accommodations close from Kawaguchiko station

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    Kasuitei Ooya is contemporary Japanese style inn standing just on the shore of Lake Kawaguchi. It has renovated rooms with private open-air bath and observation bathroom. Guests can enjoy more hot springs than ever before.
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    Onsenji YUMEDONO

    The luxury traditional Ryokan near Lake Kawaguchi. All guests can relax in Onsen (public hot-spring baths), the view of Mt. Fuji and Japanese garden. All the rooms are fully equipped and private bathroom.
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    Fuji Royal Hotel Kawaguchiko

    The hotel is very popular among our overseas guests, who come to see Mount Fuji and go sightseeing and climbing in and around the Kawaguchiko area.

Recommended accommodations by FujiKyu (Fuji-Q Highland) hotels

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    Highland Resort Hotel & Spa

    This hotel is located next to the Fuji-Q Highland and it is recommended for visitors who would like to enjoy both the view of Mt. Fuji and big roller coasters.
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    Hotel Mt. Fuji

    It is a resort hotel made on a place 1,100m above sea level for guests who would like to enjoy the view of Mt. Fuji. Mt. Fuji and Yamanakako can be viewed from the rooms.


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