Season Information


When the long winter ends, many flowers start to bloom.
In Japan, the most famous sightseeing activity for spring is to see the cherry blossoms.
The cherry blossoms near Mount Fuji are some of the most famous, and the sight of Mount Fuji and the cherry blossom together is overwhelmingly beautiful.

Kawaguchiko Fujizakura Mitsuba/Tsutsuji Festival
One of the famous cherry blossoms near Kawaguchiko is called Fujizakura, also known as "Otome Zakura (Maiden Cherry Blossom)".
Visitors can receive Fujizakura seedlings for free, and speciality products are also for sale.


In Japan, the most famous events held in the summer are the fireworks festivals.
Over 1,000 fireworks are launched during each festival, beautifully lighting up the night sky.
At this time of year, many events are held around the area of the five lakes near Mount Fuji.

Kawaguchiko's Kojosai
This is the largest festival around Fujigoko(Fuji's five lakes).
The centerpiece of the firework show is the 400 metre-long "Niagara" firework, with it's cascade of sparks that fall onto the shimmering lake below.


The leaves start to change color once the temperature drops by around 10 degrees.
There are many famous sightseeing spots in Japan to enjoy the autumn leaves, such as Kyoto and Nikko.
At the area near Mount Fuji, visitors can take in the view of the lake, autumn leaves and Mount Fuji all at once.

Fuji Kawaguchiko Autumn Leaves Festival
Kawaguchiko will be surrounded by gorgeous autumn leaves.
Enjoy the atmosphere of both Mount Fuji and Kawaguchiko amidst the warm, glowing oranges and reds of autumn.


There are many places in Japan to enjoy the gleaming white snow.
Near Mount Fuji, both snow and hot-springs can be enjoyed together.
There are many hotels which offer an open-air bath, allowing visitors to simultaneously enjoy the crisp winter views while relaxing in soothing hot-spring water.

"Niagara Illumination" - Winter Wave of Lights
This is a famous winter illumination near the Mount Fuji area.
A 330 meter-long stream of white lights seems to flow and undulate like water, imbuing the area with a captivating, fantastical atmosphere.