Fujinomiya New 5th Station


Gerneral Information About New 5th Station

Mount Fuji is the highest mountain in Japan at 3,776m.
There are four routes: Fujinomiya, Yoshida(Lake Kawaguchi), Gotemba, and Subashiri.
"New 5th station" is the highest starting point for a climb among four routes. Fujinomiya 5th Station is at 2,400m and this trail is the shortest route to the top. However there are only 90 days a year to view beautiful Mt. Fuji since the weather there changes rapidly. There are a few things you should pay attention before climbing. We hope you can find useful information from this page.


Please pay attention to the weather forecast, as the weather is extremely chageable.
There are four routes: Fujinomiya, Yoshida(Lake Kawaguchi), Gotemba, and Subashiri.
Every 100m you ascend, the temperature drops about 0.6 degrees Celsius.
The average temperature on the summit is 5 degrees Celsius in the daytime and it drops below 0 degrees Celsius at dawn. Please take warm clothing and rain gear.
For further weather information, please check: The Japan Meteorological Agency


Climb at your own pace. You will tire more if you try to keep up with others or take long breaks.
To prevent altitude sickness, you should stay at the 5th station for more than an hour to acclimatize your body to the high altitude before ascending. Average climbing time to summit (will change depending on breaks and time of day): Ascent 4-7 hours / Descent 2-3 hours
Fujinomiya Trail (Shizuoka Prefecture)
- Altitude of the starting point : about 2,400m
- Ascent : about 4 hours and 20 minutes
- Descent : about 2 hours and 30 minutes
For further weather information, please check: The Japan Meteorological Agency


The lavatories on the mountain are environment-friendly bio-toilets.
You will be charged a 200JPY maintenance fee every time you use one.
Do not dispose any garbage or foreign substances in the toilets.
Toilets in huts and on the summit may be out of service due to overuse or weather conditions.


You cannot pitch a tent on the mountain. It is extremely dangerous to sleep outside.
Always use the mountain huts. Be quiet near mountain huts.
There may be people resting for the following day's climb.
Travelers checks and credit cards are not accepted at mountain huts.
Bring enough cash to cover the expenses of food, lodging and toilets.

Mountaineering Wear

The sunlight is stronger on the mountain.
You need to protect yourself from sunburn with long sleeved shirts, long trousers, headgear and sunglasses.
Your shoes should be comfortable mountaineering boots or trekking shoes with a thick sole that has no gaps for small stones to get caught into.


By public transportation
Please take a KODAMA shinkansen train to Shinfuji station otherwise you will miss the stop. Find a bus terminal outside the station. Buy a one-way or a round ticket to the 5th station at the booth and take a bus. It will be a two-hour ride. Please check the bus timetable here.
If you plan to stay overnight in Fujinomiya before the attack, please change the Shinkansen train at Mishima station to a local train bound for the west (opposite direction from Tokyo). Change the train again at Fuji station to the Minobu line, and get off at Fujinomiya station or Nishifujinomiya station depending on where you stay. You can check your hotel location here.
Bus timetable to/from Fujinoya New 5th Station

By car
Assuming that you take the Tomei Highway, please get off at the Fuji exit to take the Nishifuji Bypass. Drive along until you find CoCos Family Restaurant on your left where you must turn right at the traffic lights. There is no turns to take until Mizugatsuka parking area, but if you wish to go to the 5th station by car other than the peak season, you must be careful not to miss the turn to enter the Mt. Fuji Skyline. Please go through the following map beforehand.